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Aditional info

Drop off / Pick up

DDC does not supervise, and cannot be responsible for the care of students before or after class. Do not drop off your child more than 10 minutes before class and pick up your child as soon as class is over. Parents with students ages 4 and under should remain in the studio during classes. For the children’s safety, we ask that parents come into the studio to pick up their dancer. We prefer that children do not go into the parking lot without an adult.

Teacher Conferences

  The faculty will be happy to assist or address any concerns you may have. Please call or e-mail the studio to arrange a time to talk.  PLEASE DO NOT DELAY TEACHERS BETWEEN CLASSES.


DDC is NOT responsible for lost or stolen items. Please leave all valuables at home. 

Questions or Concerns

Please feel free to contact DDC with any questions or concerns.



Do not drop off children more than 15 minutes early. They are unsupervised until they step foot into the studio to receive dance instruction from their teacher.

  • Pick children up on time.

  •  No food or drink allowed anywhere in the studio except for water. (Food and drink are allowed in the viewing corridors only.)

  • No Gum!

  • No cell phones allowed in studios. No phone calls or texting during class time.

  •  No parents or siblings are allowed within the actual dance studio. Please do not enter the studio to talk to your child’s teacher. Wait for them to exit the studio or leave a message at the front desk. Please be courteous of the next class.

  • Please be courteous to others in the waiting room by taking unruly and/or tired siblings for a walk or ride in the car if they aren’t able to wait for the entire hour. Please be courteous to all trying to watch classes at the viewing windows — take turns!

  •  Please send your child to dance prepared to learn, dressed according to code with hair pulled back and dance shoes in dance bag.

  • Students are limited to one make-up class per month and it needs to be attended within 14 days of the absence, please check in with the office if you need to make up a class.

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